Distraction is never
funny around buses

The Problem


Transperth saw that school kids were often walking out from behind the bus into oncoming traffic, because they were distracted by their friends, or worse, their phones. They wanted to make kids take their safety seriously, but how can you talk to a generation who has a million other more interesting things at their fingertips?

The Idea

We created a series of social videos that they couldn’t ignore, disguised to look like the type of content they enjoy watching online. Funny distraction clips were given a surprise ending, to show school kids the danger of distraction firsthand. These videos were supported by strategically placed bus posters and OOH, to prompt students with our message as they were entering the danger zone.



Gold – Digital for Good.
Silver – Digital Advertising (Campaign).
Bronze – Digital Advertising (Single).


Finalist – Best Use of Social Media, Campaign.

Campaign brief awards 21’

Winner – Online Film Best of Year.

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