A History Lesson


Rare launches West Perth office with four employees.

Rare wins PADC best of show for major PTA campaign.


Rare launches major community engagement campaign for future Elizabeth Quay project.

Julia Gillard becomes first female Prime Minister.


Rare launches Rare Digital and grows to 18 employees.

Rare launches major State Government campaign – “Bigger Picture” that would run for four years.


Rare gets new digs! Nearby Gordon Street Garage does record coffee sales.

Rare Christmas Party in Bali. Ku De Ta does record cocktail sales.


Rare turns 10. Celebrates in style.

Rare brands Perth Stadium, which then becomes Optus Stadium. Nooo!


Rare grows to 35 people, collaborates with Indigenous designers to create place brand for Yagan Square.

West Coast Eagles win another Premiership, partly (mostly?) inspired by rebrand by Rare.


Callum Mackenzie recognised as Ad Person of the Year.

Rare develops amazing creative solution for climate change (maybe?).


Rare wins Campaign Brief 2021 Agency of the Year.

The Rare family finds a new home.


What makes us Rare.


believe in life on other planets.

Somewhere out there, ET is looking down on us, wondering if Rare could do his next ‘phone home’ campaign.

The ideal getaway for most of us is a tropical island. With a well-stocked bar. And wi-fi.

Seems we love blue. Duck-egg blue, Persian blue, indigo, sky blue, working late again blue.

Our favourite animal is a dog. They’re friendly and love to play. A lot like us. Sit Callum. Sit.

Animals we fear most.


prefer being grumpy in the morning to drinking coffee.

Make mine a long black with a shot of espresso. Make that a double.


Our Purpose

Nothing inspiring can be achieved without purpose. A shift in business performance. An increase in brand awareness. A change in attitudes or consumer behaviour. At Rare, we effect change every day.

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