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Content Marketing is about building long term trust. You don’t meet someone for the first time and ask them to marry you. Expecting someone to purchase your product based on seeing your content once is the same overly eager attitude. You need to introduce yourself, talk about your benefits, provide value, listen, ask what your potential customer wants and then over time after doing all of these things, you finally pop the question. Rare is Perth’s premier content marketing agency delivering clever and enticing content backed by a passionate and curious team of content experts.

A Content Marketing Company with a Difference

At Rare, the importance of powerful, strategic and creative content marketing is at the forefront of our minds. Our content agency began 15 years ago creating TV commercials and radio ads and as the times have changed, so has our approach to servicing our clients. Digital Marketing has changed the way that people interact with brands forever but one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to making great creative.

At Rare, we’re committed to creating smart, engaging content that works. Our content team is skilled in producing high quality video, illustration and written content and, as part of your strategy, we’ll help you determine which content forms will be best suited to your brand and audience.  Rare is an agency of 60 talented people, each with a unique set of skills. We’ll identify what expertise is required for your campaign and create a team that will best serve your needs. For instance, if your project is only digital, you’ll be working with the 6 people in the digital team.

Successful communication requires deep insight into the broadcaster of the message as well as the audience receiving it.”

Liz Hammond, Creative Director - Advertising

What’s Involved in Content Marketing?

When you partner with Rare, we take you through a seven-step journey to create the perfect content marketing strategy for your brand. Those steps are:

  1. Discovery
  2. Planning
  3. Ideation
  4. Design
  5. Publishing
  6. Reporting

The key to the effective planning, creation and measurement of your content marketing is by developing and laying out a custom strategy for your brand. Our expert team will gather all documentation about the brand and workshop with you to understand your current approach as well as your business objectives, target market and areas of content. In order to get all the information we need, we’ll host a discovery session that will help us better understand your business and your customers.

After developing your strategy and creating a plan, we’ll get to work creating and publishing the exciting new content for your brand.  We will also frequently review and report on your performance and make adjustments where necessary.

Measuring your success in content marketing

Since content marketing is about providing value, entertainment and sparking emotions in people rather than making a sale, you use the metrics that best help us understand whether people have value. Engagement, views and reach are all great metrics to use for content marketing but the most straight forward is sentiment. People can easily tell us when they like or hate a piece of digital content and they do. But it’s about how we react. Making sure we listen to what people say and use those responses to inform future content is crucial in what we do.

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