Aspirational branding in Perth

A clearly defined brand positioning is a powerful thing. It not only sets you apart from your competitors, it can give you a competitive edge, galvanise your workforce and inform everything from new products and marketing communications to customer experience design.

The best brands are single minded, unique, consistent, relevant, built around a clear purpose and brought to life through an engaging visual identity, expression and tone.

From initial brand strategy through to refining your core brand identity, we create enduring brands for Perth clients.

Why Rare?

Ever wondered why some brands are more successful than others? We have. That’s what led to us developing a proven methodology that has been used to create some of Western Australia’s most successful and recognisable brands.

Unlike other branding companies and agencies in Perth, ours is an inclusive process. It allows key people within your organisation to have ownership of the outcome and ensures your brand is embraced internally, before it’s projected to the world.

Once you’ve engaged Rare as your chosen branding agency, we like to roll up our sleeves and get under the hood of your brand. See what makes it tick.

Our unique approach to brand development is something we’ve refined and optimised over time as brand specialists in Perth. It allows us to create a powerful brand model in conjunction with the people responsible for living and breathing it every day – you and your key stakeholders.

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For a brand to be compelling, it must be real, meaningful and distinctive.”

Jez Reilly, GM Customer Insights & Marketing

Building value beyond branding

Okay, so we’ve worked our wonder and you now have a core brand essence. Next on the list, and this is crucial: a considered internal communications approach to ensure your brand is embraced internally. Beyond that, building value for your brand externally will make sure your brand endures.

Apart from being a crackerjack brand strategy agency, we provide an integrated offering beyond the company logo and mission statement:

  • Website design & development: Smart and engaging web design that delivers results.
  • Graphic design: With visual content playing a vital role in informing, engaging and inspiring customers, we’re also in the business of creating engaging content that inspires.
  • Search strategy: Even if your customers know your name, they’re still going to Google you. And when they do, you want them to find you immediately, before they find someone else.

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