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If you’re looking to bolster your company’s visibility, image and brand, attract new customers or make sales, marketing should be at the top of your priority list. Rare is an innovative marketing agency in Perth delivering cutting-edge and valuable strategies to help your business grow, backed by a passionate team of expert marketing consultants.

Marketing provides your audience with a clear understanding of what you do and how your product or service offering works. It’s an opportunity to raise brand awareness, educate and engage your audience, and position your business as experts in the industry you work in. People want to do business with companies they trust, marketing helps to create loyalty and trust with your current and prospective customers. Relationships that are built on trust are more likely to attain long-term customers and is ultimately how your business will grow in the long-term.


Our Perth-based marketing company is brimming with innovative minds who understand the ins and outs of a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy. We recognise that the key to creating a stand-out marketing strategy is to know who you are marketing to and what drives them to make purchasing decisions. By defining your target audience, you will understand what their core drivers are so that you can effectively help serve their needs. This will enable you to have a better idea of their behaviours and motivations and in doing so ensures that your marketing efforts are focused, and you benefit by getting the ROI you want.

A marketing strategy that stands out

Marketing Strategy is a process that starts with analysis and diagnosis. Defining the problem we are trying to solve.

Your strategy should include a competitive analysis to help you better understand what’s working for your competition and allows you to uncover potential untapped opportunities. This will also help you figure out the things you can be doing better or differently than everyone else.

It is important to choose your channels wisely by making deliberate informed decisions about which ones (newspaper ads, SEO, content marketing etc.) are going to provide the best ways to reach your audience, then break them down into owned, earned and paid media sections.

Define your marketing goals to be specific, actionable, memorable, relevant and timely. This will clarify whether your tactics are working, plus having definitive metrics in place will enable you to track the success of your marketing strategy. Rare can assist with curating your ideal marketing strategy to ensure it aligns with your business’ specific needs and goals.

What’s the difference between branding and marketing?

In this article our Managing Director Callum Mackenzie discusses how the two terms can be confused. One is about connection and the other is about action. For a little refresher, have a read.




At Rare, we’re an integrated marketing firm offering services in a range of channels including: TVC, Radio, Direct Mail, Print, OOH, Websites, Social Media, PPC Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO


We do it all! As an integrated marketing company, we can deliver both traditional marketing activities like TV, newspapers, billboards, radio, leaflets, posters, and so on, as well as digital activities such as creating websites, social media ads, email marketing, and PPC advertising.


Implementation of your marketing strategy is one of the most critical parts of the marketing process. If you want us to implement, we will create an implementation plan that will designate what activities are to be executed, how they will be executed, when they will be executed, and by who. The implementation strategy can either be by your company, or by Rare, or we can share implementation activities between us, so long as each activity is clearly specified.


We will ask why? Then ask why again. Gaining a deeper understanding of your pain points will allow us to get to the root of how our marketing services can provide you value. We’ll probably ask probing questions like, what is your greatest marketing need? Where you have seen success in your past marketing efforts? What are your goals? Who do you consider to be your competitors? Who is your target market? From there, we will take the time to research your brand and industry in order for us to help understand the challenges you face.

What to consider when engaging a marketing company

Do some research into the marketing agency’s history and look at how they started up. It’s also important to find out how long they have been in business for and review the services they provide to ensure they align with your business goals and objectives. A reputable marketing agency will likely mention any awards they have won as it conveys credibility and a point of reference for the public.

Most marketing firms will provide a selection of their best work as case study examples on their website, be sure to research the agency portfolio and decide whether similar approaches would work for your business case.

When choosing a marketing agency, nothing is more appropriate than evaluating how it takes care of their own marketing. Look for strengths and weaknesses in their communications channels, for example visit their website evaluate the usability of the pages and whether they are optimised for mobile devices. Look at their social networks and see what types of posts are engaged with by the public and how many followers they have.

If you like to have face-to-face meetings and more direct contact with your agency partners, select a marketing agency based close to your business, this will be helpful when scheduling personal visits and more convenient for ad hoc fact-to-face meetings.

Reach out to people from the agency and organise a visit with the key contacts at the agency. Details such as good reception, comfort and a positive employee culture which lead to professional satisfaction, greater efficiency and quality of the services provided. At Rare, we encourage you to reach out and organise a time to visit our Perth-based office where you can meet our team and discuss your marketing strategy.

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