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With 79% of the Australian population active on Social Media, it’s not surprising that social media is how they interact with their friends, engage with brands they like and ultimately make their purchasing decisions. Taking on social media marketing can be an enormous and sometimes complex feat, which is why we always recommend trusting experts in social media management to assist you. As a leading creative agency in Perth, Rare’s team of specialists can assist with all your social media marketing needs.


A social media agency with a difference

At Rare, we strive to set ourselves apart from other social media companies. With 15 years in the advertising industry, a full creative team led by award winning creative directors who oversee copywriters, digital designers and illustrators, there’s no other agency equally as strong in both Social Media and Creative. This combination means that right from strategy all the way through to creative production, the quality of output is at a premium.

Rare has a wealth of experience working with a range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. Additionally, we will sometimes create strategies for emerging platforms if we think having a presence there will positively affect your marketing objectives.

Gone are the days where social media was an emerging set of platforms that could only be utilised by youth-focused brands. All demographics are spending large amounts of time on social media. If your brand doesn’t have a considered social strategy, you’re letting your competitors dominate the space.”

Cam Bisley - Social Media Director

What’s involved in social media marketing?

The fundamental element of our social media marketing and management services is helping you build an effective social media strategy. This strategy aims to cover audiences, brand tone and personality, content pillars, channel breakdown, content mix and frequency, a three-month top line content plan and success measurement.

Developing a strategic approach to the brand and activity on social is the key to planning, creation and measurement. The team at Rare will gather all documentation about the brand and workshop with you to understand your current approach, your business objectives, target market and areas of content. The first step in this process will be a discovery session that will help us better understand your business and your customers.

Once the strategy has been approved by all stakeholders, design templates can be created, planning gets underway and the way Rare and your brand will work together is agreed. We then begin to roll out this strategy in partnership with you, frequently reviewing its performance and adjusting where necessary.


Do you do both Organic and Paid Social Media Marketing?

Yes, absolutely. The divide between them has become minimal as time has gone on and with ‘organic’ reach being so low, publishing without some media spend on page isn’t recommended these days. There is no longer a divide between the two. Although the goals of content are often different, it’s important that they inform one another.

Will you create my content for me?

For sure. We can create concepts that inform the format of your content. So, if you’re unsure of what your content should be (still images, designs, short video, longform video, audio, animation, illustration) we can help.

Will you send me content for my approval prior to posting?

Absolutely. Having a rigorous process in place for batching social content and getting approvals is important to us, so we’ll work in the background to try to get 1 month ahead.

Can Rare create my social media strategy and I can implement it?

Creating social media strategies is something we specialise in. Creating any kind of strategy isn’t a one-sided thing though and although we’d be leading the process of creating the strategy – we’d be relying on you to inform the contents of the strategy itself.

Can I post on my channels alongside your content?

Absolutely. The only thing we ask here is that we all try to keep each other in the loop so that we’re not posting at the same time or minutes apart.

Do you do Community Engagement?

We can do. ‘Community management’ is usually best handled by the brand themselves. Especially if the majority of questions you receive on social media are really unique to what you do as a brand. We can help with daily monitoring inside business hours and even respond to neutral and positive comments as your brand – but the majority of questions about your brand will be flagged by us to you, so for the most part we recommend this task is done in-house.

How regularly do you post?

There’s not set number of posts per month guaranteed to get you results. But having a tailored strategy that considers your brand goals and your marketing goals will help inform our recommendation. Once we get to know you, we’ll agree on an amount of posts and the formats that will help you achieve your goals.

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