Through a
child’s eyes

The Challenge

We needed to convince parents to take their kids to Scitech. The problem was, parents saw the institution as the same old place they went to over 20 years ago. The education element was there, but the excitement was missing.

The Idea

We let them experience Scitech through a child’s eyes, using GoPros, lapel mics and 20 little creative directors. In doing so, we captured an unprecedented window into Scitech and showed parents a world that their eyes couldn’t see.

The Work


Our videos were directed by the kids themselves. From almost 100 hours of content, we created a series of TVCs and online videos showcasing the best moments with a combination of first person and face cam footage.


We used a fish eye lens to capture Scitech from a new perspective, putting our camera in the exhibits and children’s expressions front and centre.


For audio, we used the sounds of kids exploring Scitech to create a whimsical sample based symphony that matched the joy of the experience.

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