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Juniper is one of the largest aged care providers in Western Australia. Values-driven and not for profit, they’ve delivered services to the community for over 70 years.

In 2019, Juniper approached us to build a new website incorporating their refreshed brand look which launched in 2020. Over the last couple of years, as part of our continuous improvement model, we have incorporated UX updates, developed additional features and expanded the brand application.

& Define

As part of our extensive discovery process, which included competitor research, we worked with Juniper to understand their functional requirements and develop a more cohesive Information Architecture. We developed tools for locations and accommodation and ensured we approached with a mobile first design strategy.

With future proofing in mind, our strategy was to ensure a product that could be easily updated and managed internally, without compromising on complexity or aesthetics. We achieved this by considering all pain points for manual updates, which included areas such as accommodation vacancies and customisable navigational experiences in multiple ways.

Our aim was to deliver a custom site that could be updated without coding or support, yet still provide a beautiful experience on the front end – a win-win for Juniper.

& Deliver


Once we had a clearer understanding of the areas that needed to be solved we could then set about designing and applying them to the site.

A user centered focus drives our creative direction. Ensuring clear contrast, breathable spacing and smooth flow we can allow for a deeper engagement from our audience.

Examples of UX challenges were “Our Locations” map with filters and “Vacancies” updatable via CSV. These were two of the largest pieces for the development team to tackle. With over 35 locations and growing, we needed to find a way for users of any age or ability to search in numerous ways. Adding suburb, service and amenities as well as a map/list view covered all bases.

Working alongside the sales team, we came to appreciate the complexity of having up to 99 vacancies available at any one time. With a bit of maths and a real estate mindset, we were able to create an import/export format that allowed for regular updates with minimal effort.

The website was extremely well received by the Executive Board and internal comms team. The reconfiguration of the IA and incorporation of these essential tools has been key to ensuring ease of access to information for both client families and potential clients – particularly during the pandemic.

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