Building a brand
that people crave



Home is where the heart is, and nobody knows this better than Bedshed. Their beds have been a firm favourite in West Australian homes for over 40 years.
So, who better to launch a new home staging service than Bedshed.

The Task

Early research highlighted a lack of awareness and appreciation for home staging. People were generally sceptical about spending money, especially when one of the main drivers of selling the family home was making enough money to move on or up.

Using insights from the research, the direction was clear.
Build a brand that people would crave.

Working closely with the Bedshed team, Rare developed the brand strategy and positioning for the new service, which, in turn, informed the name, identity and associated design collateral.
The strategy included an emphasis on social and a shiny new website. Both were identified as central to Crave’s success and critical in building awareness.
Home staging is considered commonplace on the east coast when selling a home, but not on the west coast. An important insight and one we were very conscious of as we developed the communication and media plan.
In building out the plan it was determined early on that social would play an important role in growing the brand, and in creating a following.

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