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What makes us Rare?

Why are we here? It’s a question we ask ourselves often. At Rare, we exist to effect positive change for our clients through purposeful creative informed by smart insights. How do we unearth these insights? By wondering more and asking the right questions. We’ve been hunting greatness for 17 years and by living our values every day we’ve become Perth’s largest independent agency with an amazing portfolio of brilliant work.


Work experience is short term and unpaid. It is an opportunity for someone looking to get a taste of the industry and how business life works. Depending on your chosen field, opportunities exist to observe, tag along on TV shoots and radio recordings, write a brief and learn how a job moves through the agency.


  1. Complete the form below (excluding the office use only section) and the student declaration (if relevant)
  2. Attach your resume (if available), and any introductory letters from your school/institution. If a placement is offered, a copy of the educational institution’s Insurance Certificate of Currency will be required.

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Be good

We care about doing good work and doing the right thing by our clients, of course. But most of all, we care about being good to each other. We want Rare filled with happy people with healthy lives.

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