What makes us Rare?

We ask more questions, and seek more insights to affect positive change for brands through purposeful creativity.


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Hunt greatness.
We reject mediocrity, commit to continuous improvement and seek excellence in everything we do.

Want to partner with like-minded people and hunt greatness?

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Great design adds value faster than it adds costs.

Great design is good for business. It can shift perceptions and help people connect with your brand.

Our Expertise

of Rare peeps believe in life on other planets.

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The fundamentals of how we connect have changed.

Times they are a changing. To connect with today’s consumer requires new thinking and deeper insights.


of Rare peeps prefer being grumpy to drinking coffee in the morning.

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Curiosity can fuel a thousand ideas.

Our curiosity knows no bounds. We are always seeking out new insights to inform our strategic approach.

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Let your wonder take you.
Click and drag your cursor to explore.

A media agency for the future.

We use data, technology and insights to better connect brands with consumers.


We’ve come a long way. And have a lot further to go.

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